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Completing Your Endowment


The Temple Endowment

Book Series

This 3 volume series is written to active, believing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Based primarily upon the scriptures, it is intended to help Church members better understand temple ordinances and receive more from their temple worship.

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Sometimes in the excitement of major life events like missions and marriage, the temple experience becomes secondary. But your temple endowment can, and should be, a deeply meaningful experience. Careful preparation will help you understand the promises, ordinances and blessings involved. This book helps replace fears and questions about the temple with the faith and confidence to make and keep eternal covenants and experience all the blessings of temple worship.  (Click on the cover image to learn more.)

This easy to read book clearly explains the meaning of the temple ordinances in your life. While still respecting the temple's sacred nature, this book helps you unravel some of the mystery and more fully appreciate the beautiful purposes for these ordinances.  Packed with insights, Understanding Your Endowment, will enrich your temple worship by increasing your comprehension of the temple's teachings. (Click on the cover image to learn more.)

What was the Lord's purpose in introducing temple ordinances to the Church? Are they simply arcane rituals we must memorize?

Or are they rather intended to help the Saints gain knowledge? And if imparting knowledge is their purpose, then what is the Lord trying to teach us? Once we are endowed is that enough or is more required to complete our endowment? This third, and concluding, volume is written to help you begin to answer these and other questions for yourself.  It is written in the hope that it will enable you to perhaps approach the temple with new eyes. (Click on the cover image to learn more.)



Cory B. Jensen was born and raised in Utah. He developed a love for the temple early in life and has been an avid student ever since. He graduated with honors from BYU with an MBA. He and his wife, Traci, are the parents of four children. Together they have served as temple ordinance workers for many years.

These books began as a paper Cory wrote to help his daughter prepare for her own temple experience.  Based primarily upon the scriptures, the series is intended to help active members of the LDS Church enrich their personal temple worship.



Preparing For Your Endowment breaks everything down to help you understand, prepare, and get excited to go to the temple. It will help you get the most out of your time in the Lord's house.

Al Carraway, author of More than the Tattooed Mormon

Rather than being a book that tells you about the temple, the book guides you to forming your own ideas, experiences and testimony of the temple....It is a refreshingly basic way to begin one’s study of the temple, one which I appreciated very much.

Sherrie Gavin,
The Exponent

If you're looking for motivation to attend the temple more often, or gain greater insight into its transformative potential, you'll find plenty of both in these pages.

Wendy Ulrich, PhD, author of 
The Temple Experienc: Passage to Healing and Holiness

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