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My goal with Understanding Your Endowment was to keep the book short, simple and to the point. It tries to communicate key concepts and ideas which I believe are critical in coming to understand the temple, and I didn’t want to cloud those core ideas with side trips down other paths, however interesting they might prove.

Still, there was always the temptation to add more material. While, I resisted that with the book, here on the blog I plan to put up several posts which readers may find interesting and helpful in discussing the temple further. I’ll also post links to other temple-related resources. (You can see the Q&A tab for some of those links). If you have a question about the temple you’d like to see discussed, please submit it under the ‘Contact’ tab. Your questions are welcome. To the extent I am able, I will address them either on the blog or by email.  That is not to claim I have all the answers, but in some cases I may be able to shed some additional light on readers’ concerns.

Also, the blog posts will assume you have already read my book. Some of these posts further build upon ideas introduced there, but I won’t be covering the same materials again. If you have not already done so, please read the book first so the posts here make more sense.

Thanks.  Oh, and welcome!!

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