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The Temple Threshold

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A threshold forms a boundary. Together with the posts, lintel and door, it separates what lies outside from what lies within. In ancient times, a home’s threshold was considered sacred and highly symbolic. One who crossed over a threshold was entitled to the hospitality and protection of those who were within the house while they remained. In the case of… Read more »

7 Divisions (Realms) In the Temple

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LDS Scholar Hugh Nibley once observed that the temple is a scale model of the universe. At least in part, he seemed to have had the physical structure in mind. In other words the buildings themselves having something to testify of and to teach about. Many of our modern temples have three levels (basement, ground and upper floors). The Mount… Read more »

Welcome to my blog

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My goal with Understanding Your Endowment was to keep the book short, simple and to the point. It tries to communicate key concepts and ideas which I believe are critical in coming to understand the temple, and I didn’t want to cloud those core ideas with side trips down other paths, however interesting they might prove. Still, there was always… Read more »